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This is barely even the best part of Musashi. One, he wrote a book of philosophy that works for warfare and life. Two, one of those late duels he arrived hungover and with a sword he made out of a boat oar (which was fine since he specialized in the bokken). He charged up the beach, killed his foe, and ran back, timed perfectly for his boat to leave with the tide. Three, his first kill was at 13, when a warrior came into town looking for challengers. Young Musashi offered up a challenge. While his uncle tried to apologize for the boy’s disrespect, Musashi managed to steal the warrior’s sword and kill him (the warrior) with it.

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“ How fascinating it is that there are millions of people all over the world who are wide awake at 4 am missing someone. And there are millions of people sound asleep at 4 am, with no idea that they’re being missed. ”

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